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Condyline (Podophyllotoxin)

Topical treatment of condyloma
Topical treatment of condylomata acuminata (warts) affecting the penis or the female external genitalia.

Condyline - the description, contraindications, application

The latin name: Condyline

Condyline Pharmacological groups: Dermatotropic agents. Antitumoral vegetable agents

Condyline Working substance: Podophyllotoxin

Condyline Application: External acuminate genital condylomas (local treatment).

Condyline Contraindications: Hypersensitivity, pregnancy, a feeding a breast, children's age (till 12 years).

Condyline Side effects: Local reactions - a reddening, a pain, an itch, a burning sensation, a ulceration of an epithelial integument of a condyloma, an edema and a balanoposthitis (at the big condylomas in preputial area); systemic effects: a nausea, a giddiness, a ulceration of mucosas.

Condyline Overdosage: Signs: a nausea, a vomiting, a fever, a diarrhea, a myelosuppression, ulcerations of a mucosa of an oral cavity. Treatment: at hit in exuberant quantities on a skin - an immediate lavage of the given site water with soap; at casual intake - a gastric lavage. Symptomatic therapy, dynamic observation with definition of cellular composition of a peripheric blood, a level of transaminases, a bilirubin, the maintenance of electrolytes and gas composition of a blood is shown.

Condyline Way of application and dose: Locally. 2 times day (in the morning and in the evening) within 3 days, further a time-out 4 days are rendered as more as possible precisely immediately on each condyloma with the help of an express plastic applicator. Treatment continue before disappearance of condylomas, general duration of treatment should not exceed 5 weeks.

Condyline Precautionary measures: It is necessary to avoid hit in eyes (if it has taken place - immediately to wash out eyes plentiful quantity of water) and on healthy sites of a skin. Before application for protection of a skin and mucous around of a condyloma it is recommended to process a skin neutral creams, Vaselinum or Unguentum Zinci. For application always it is necessary to use a plastic applicator and to keep track of that the aperture of a loop was completely filled by a liquid. After application it is necessary to give to dry out to a place of drawing of a solution. Extra care should be kept at localization of condylomas in the field of a prepuce. At an edematization and a balanoposthitis apply glucocorticoids (as Unguentum). For decrease of risk of systemic action the area of a processable surface in the sum should not exceed 10 sm2, and quantity of a used solution - 0,5 ml in day. At absence of distinct effect through 4 weeks of therapy it is necessary to reconsider a method of treatment. At doubt in the diagnosis (including. At impossibility to exclude a planocellular carcinoma on the clinical data) histological acknowledgement prior to the beginning of treatment is required. Inspection and, in case of need, treatment of sexual partners is expedient.

Trading names of drugs with working substance Podophyllotoxin:
(Wartec cream) (Condyline)

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